Internship with Astrid Architects

Between July and August 2020, I undertook a 100 hour internship with Astrid Architects, who are a young local business in Sheffield city centre. My role was to design and build a portfolio website for Astrid Architects, this website was designed to be a showcase for Astrid Architects work, as well as to be a starting point for potential customers so they could understand what Astrid Architects could do for them.

The design process began by researching Astrid Architects themselves and the type of clients that they work for. Alongside this I carried out research into the pros and cons of

After deciding upon using with the company director and consequently deciding upon a theme to use for the website, work began on building a template for the website, getting the template correct was crucial as this would impact the aesthetics of the website.

Once Astrid Architects were happy with the template/layout for the website, I began inputting content which included editing images through photoshop/illustrator, incorporating branding to the website as the company already had a pre-existing logo and colour theme that they wished to keep.

The final website – as it looked when handed over to Astrid Architects – can be seen in the images above and in the screen-cast below.

This internship was completed during the COVID-19 pandemic and was therefore undertaken remotely.

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