Second Year Projects

Below are the project completed throughout my second year at Sheffield Hallam, these projects included 2 live projects and developed not only my knowledge of design but also my workshop skills, CAD and sketching.

Ikea lighting (live project)

As part of our brief we were asked to design a light for primarily a domestic setting and one which could be sold by Ikea. The light also had to be designed around an existing Ikea light – Kajuta.

The most important task of this project was that the light had personality and character. The design had to do something interesting with the light and therefore experimentation and exploration with materials and shape was required.

This piece of work was exhibited at Sheffield Hallam and representatives from Ikea came to exhibition.

Coffee Machine

This brief was to design a filter coffee machine. This project allowed me to understand the inner workings of a machine as well as the importance of the aesthetic to a product.

This project allowed me to further develop my skills in Solidworks and Keyshot.

Lowe Alpine (live project)

This brief was provided by the head designer at Lowe Alpine, Tim Fish.

This project was designed to use up the waste of a specific material and create a product which uses at least 70% of this material.

The brief allowed us to consider the importance of sustainability of a product.

Not only did this product have to be sustainable but it also had to portray the strong brand identity of Lowe Alpine.

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