Wilko Project

This project was in association with the Wilko design team and the brief was to design a storage product for the starting out demographic.

My design proposal was the concept of ‘secret’ storage. The product I proposed was a shelf which looked like a centre piece to a room and could be used to place books or other items upon, however the front slides off of the product to reveal a secret storage compartment which only the owner would be aware of, this would be big enough to store high value items such as a passport.

Above is the instructional guide for the product concept, which the client said was very useful and sparked conversation about how the concept could be displayed on the shop floor.

The product concept was selected by Wilko’s design team as one of the shortlisted products (11 students took part in this project and Wilko narrowed it down to 2 successful candidates, my concept being one of these) for the project and I went to Wilko to present to the design team in person. They really liked the product concept and believed it had commercial potential, however due the COVID-19 pandemic Wilko couldn’t continue to pursue the project. The link below is for the official letter from Wilko themselves outlining the project.

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